Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are like shells designed to cover the damaged teeth. Crowns can be used to treat decaying teeth, and often recommended after a root canal treatment to protect the tooth from further harm.

This process is often necessary for function and sometimes only for aesthetic pleasure. In Hollywood Smile, we digitally design the teeth for the perfect results and use the best materials that science offers. We suggest Zirconium Crowns due to their durability and appearance for a natural look, and traditional Porcelain Crowns are made to perfection in our laboratory for a more glamorous look.

The length and requirements for this procedure change according to your needs and desires. Please contact your consultant for further information.
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Meet your consultant and share your dental needs, desires, and questions. You will be asked a photograph of your teeth and/or an x-ray. After carefully examined by our doctors, you will be proposed a treatment.

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