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About Istanbul

For the last two millennia, Istanbul has been the largest and most important city in its geographical region as the capital of multicultural empires and a vibrant religious, political, economic, and cultural center.

Settlements in the Istanbul peninsula, which embraced many tribe and nation, goes as far back as twelve thousand years earlier to the Neolithic Period. Istanbul with its culture, architecture, and social life is a highly cosmopolitan center where you will be greeted with eminent hospitality. Existing as a bridge between Asia and Europe, the rich mixture of Oriental and European architecture, art, and culture unfolds all over the region. Aside from the significant historical landmarks, museums, churches, mosques (that are considered World Heritage by UNESCO), food, shopping, art, and social scenes are also very vivacious, rich, and noteworthy in Istanbul.

The geographical location of Istanbul is the basis of the multicultural, multilingual, and plurireligous history of the region. Ancient Pagans, Greeks, Romans, Latins, Ottomans, and Turks lived in İstanbul (chronologically) and attributed their culture to the nature of the city. The famous Skyline of Istanbul is an outcome of the cosmopolite and rich history of architecture of the city. There are many must-see landmarks especially surrounding the Bosphorus of Istanbul, for example, The Maidens Tower(1725), Dolmabahce Palace(1856), Topkapi Palace(1461), Galata Tower(1348), Hagia Sophia Mosque(537), Sultan Ahmed Mosque(1616), Basilica Cistern(532). Being at a critical point of bridging between Asia and Europe, Istanbul was always a significant center of trade. Abundant wealth and lifestyle have been a long going signature of Istanbul culture. Even the least luxurious experiences in İstanbul are often extremely rich. Street food, organic fruits and vegetables, dried nuts and fruits, coffee and tea, bakeries, and all kinds of edibles are a significant part of daily life, and easily accessible, and always extravagant for almost every socioeconomic class in the city. You can go to a cheap local restaurant and enjoy a neo-Ottoman feast. Historical Landmarks of the city also corresponds to the wealthy and abundant lifestyle of the region with its glamorous interior and exterior architecture. Dolmabahce Palace, for example, has fourteen tons of gold engravings on its ceiling, the world’s largest crystal chandelier. Topkapi Palace is now a museum that exhibits the treasures of the royal Ottoman Empire. Being the supply of raw materials while being home to significant amounts of production, especially textile, İstanbul is the city to shop! The variety, quality, abundance, and economic accessibility of designer objects are remarkable in Istanbul. The variety of commodities also bases on multicultural history.

Oriental patterns, Classic European style, and Modern designs coexist in both concentric and separate sense. You can shop like a Sultan in the famous and historical Grand Bazaar(1416) or Egyptian Spice Bazaar(1664), or famous and luxurious modern shopping malls like İstinye Park and Zorlu Center. Street Markets in essential districts are also worth visiting. Aside from its rich food culture, architecture, and commercial value, Istanbul is also currently the center of the Social Scene in many aspects. In fact, “MariSpirito, a longtime director at the 303 Gallery in New York, says, [In New York, it feels like the best years are behind us- In Istanbul, it feels like the best years are yet to come.]” Galata Tower Whether you are looking for Family Trips, Luxurious Destinations, or The Local Experience, İstanbul has so many to offer, all of the options are deeply integrated with delicious food, art, and authentic Turkish Hospitality. Fun, educative, and day time family activities might include Miniaturk, which displays in the open air, the significant historical architectural heritage of the region.

There are also Nightlife in İstanbul is extremely vivid. İstanbul, which is the most populous city in Europe, is considered the “Emerging Art Center” thanks to the local and international artists and art collectors, galleries, biennales, and museums. You can encounter Rembrandt, Chagall, Picasso, Kahlo, Warhol along with famous orientalist painters and miniature artists as well as contemporary artists. So whether you are a family, a night owl, an art lover, foodaholic, history enthusiast, an adventurer you will enjoy your time in İstanbul. Some people say that İstanbul is a poetic city laced with a mixture of voices, join the cosmopolitan culture that resides in the most beautiful city in the world. Contact your consultant from the site, for the details and specifics about your trip. Our priority is to make this the best dental treatment possible in every aspect! contact your consultant via the web site, email, or social media:

Facebook: Hollywood Smile Turkey

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In Hollywood Smile, our dental treatments are strictly standardized so that everyone gets the best treatment possible and channel their inner star! Our priority is always achieving the healthiest and aesthetically pleasing results. We understand that each individual is unique and special. As Hollywood Smile treatment and travel consultants, we want you to have the best time possible in this incredible city! While being highly flexible, we offer some special packages. Please contact your consultant for your personalized treatment and travel plans!

Early Reservation Pack
It can be hard to set an exact date in the first half of 2021 for your treatment due to the restriction policy circumstances. If you are not able to travel right now, we can still plan your treatment and travel for better days ahead! With the vaccination and restrictions, we predict that gates will open very soon. Special offer, all prices are %25 off for now!
  • Desired Dental Treatment
  • Flight to Istanbul
  • Transportation
  • 4-5 days accommodation in Istanbul
Conqueror’s Pack
If you are an adventurer, traveler, food enthusiast, and love to explore new cultures this pack is for you! This package includes indefinite possibilities. Our beautiful city Istanbul is waiting for you to conquer. Istanbul (link to -about Istanbul- essay) is a very impressive city that became home to many civilizations and is currently a very cosmopolitan center of fashion, art, food, history, and more. We will prepare a personalized travel plan according to your in addition to the treatments you desire.
  • Desired Dental Treatment
  • Flight to Istanbul
  • Transportation
  • 4-5 days accommodation in Istanbul
  • Historical Tour
  • Special Photoshoot with a personal photographer
  • Local Turkish Cuisine Tour
  • City Activity Guide: Art Exhibits, Concerts, Plays, and more
  • Bosphorous Boat Tour
  • Shopping Guide
  • And more!
Luxury Pack
Get the full Star Treatment. Best Hotels, VIP Transportation, Bussiness Class Flight, and luxurious destinations. If you are looking for all-access Hollywood fantasy, you are in the right place. In Hollywood Smile, the dental treatment is always the best of the best, but if you are looking for high standard travel, accommodation, and dining this package is the one for you!
  • Desired Dental Treatment
  • Business Flight to Istanbul
  • VIP Transportation
  • 5 Star Accommodation
  • Luxurious Destination Guide
  • Private Bosphorus Tour
  • Michelin Star Restaurant Dining
  • Exclusive Venues

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